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General Terms and Conditions

There’s a lot to be said by how much someone charges, and the product you receive back.

So we like to make sure we stay competitive, and we do this by also being the best at what we do! Some novelty terms are listed and these are the base because when it comes to sitting behind a desk or working hard on-site, they’re equally as challenging. physically or mentally, because we apply ourselves.
When our name gets recommended and placed on things we make sure it shines!

Charged per 30 minute cycle for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 14 hours (including one main meal break).
Item HR1 — In-the-event that more than 14 hours is worked each subsequent 30 minutes will be charged at 1 FULL HOUR(DOUBLE TIME) and this shall be recorded and invoiced as Safety Time. Until dismissed.

Charged in a 10 hour block for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 14 hours (including meal breaks, excluding split-shift) PER WORK PERIOD.
Item DR1 — In-the-event that up to or less than 4 hours (240min) is required then; the first hour is charged as a minimum (call out fee) and then every subsequent 30 minute block thereafter until work is dismissed.
Item DR2 — In-the-event that more than 14 hours of work is required in one work period (including meal breaks, excluding split-shift) then; every 30 minute block over is charged at 1 FULL HOUR. (DOUBLE TIME) until work is dismissed.

Bulk Day Rates are calculated in flexible amounts for example for every 5 DAYS the following day is free. HOWEVER stipulated by DAILY RATE Terms (excluding Item DR1).

A Split Shift option is available.
Item SS1 — For a split shift to occur a minimum of 2 hours with a maximum of 4 hours offsite is required between shifts.
Item SS2 — A fee is applicable, from $30.00 to a maximum of $240.00
Item SS3 — A maximum of 24 hours per working period, with a minimum of a 10 hour break before the following shift is to occur.

What travel is included.
Item T1. Inclusive in all our hire prices is delivery and pick-up within 50kms of our office.
Item T2 — A fee is applicable, from 50kms and thereafter starting and accumulating from $33.00 per 50kms of travel.

45+ Days overdue – An invoice that is 45 days overdue or greater, will be referred to a debt collection agency with an additional 20% added to the overdue amount to compensate the agency for collection.

N.B. These terms and conditions have been written for Lucid Solutions Pty Ltd’s employees and those around them.
They are not negotiable, as they have been written for everyone’s safety in mind.

Lucid Solutions Pty Ltd ensures that all Relevant Safety Practices are adhered to and that all service and regulation safety checks required by law have been met.

Lucid Solutions Pty Ltd endeavour to equip their employees with knowledge of the safety obligations which are expected and mandatory, providing a safe environment for all staff and the public. This requires any of Lucid Solutions Pty Ltd’s employees to report any serious electrical incidents and hazardous situations that may occur whilst contracting.

Lucid Solutions Pty Ltd has strong Work Safe practices these are:

Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment
Providing and maintaining safe plant
Ensuring the safe use, handling, construction, storage and transport of equipment
Ensuring safe systems of work
It is also our aim to liaise and co-operate with existing procedures operating within a workplace, so as to guarantee the safety of all those in attendance. Making sure the outcome is beneficial for all concerned.
Lucid Solutions Pty Ltd’s believes that safety is everyone’s responsibility.