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Lucid Solutions a proud partner of Clicki Digital


Partnering for Purpose

We are the proud co-partner of Clicki Digital, your digital solution specialists.

Lucid Solutions provides all the necessary backbone architecture for digital success within the Clicki Digital partnership.

We specialise in bespoke web application development, web application hosting and support, custom design and development of live streaming solutions for gamers, counsellors, places of worship, conference halls, etc. and audio infrastructre design and AV consultation.

We can also provide on-site services for configuration and operation of studio spaces through, concert halls and anything in between.

Lucid Solutions prides itself on empowering others with valiant solutions, we don’t like keeping knowledge bound and are always happy to help support your organisation further with detailed knowledge base articles for any design or development work we may perform.

Connect with us via Clicki Digital’s social media account, or shoot us an email by Contacting Us