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We work hard at developing intelligent web spaces for our clientele.

We work in two different environments, WordPress a fantastic inexpensive Content Management System (CMS) that allow us to build a site with the necessary customisations whilst allowing you to author content as you please. Alternatively there is the complete custom build which suits a few of our clients who want something a little more out of the ordinary and custom, one-off kind of pieces.

Much of the work we do is controlled on the server side using PHP whilst some client-side requirements are coded using jQuery and AJAX.

The development work we do, does require a web design. We have some great graphic designers available to help, but to get started it’s best to have a picture in your head of how you want the website to look like, have an idea of the end result and get that all out on paper etc.

We will help you through all the steps from start to finish, to ensure you get a great well-rounded website that serves you and your customers.